Insights shared by LHSVS Youth-Volunteers in LHSVS Evaluation Forms:

Training-Orientation session:  

  • “Before the Training-Orientation session, I did not know what to expect when talking with the residents.  I did not know how to start a conversation with the resident and I was uncomfortable around the residents.  The training session taught me how to become friends with the residents and make LHSVS an enjoyable experience.”  (15-year old Youth-Volunteer)
  • “The number one thing that made me a better volunteer during the program was making sure that the visit was about the resident.  In fact, I happened to learn a lot about the residents’ lives and the many adventures they went on during their younger years.  The training-orientation made it easier to start up a conversation with the residents and also taught me how to more easily communicate without breaking off conversation.”  (17-year old Youth-Volunteer)

Has the LHSVS program impacted upon your future plans?

  • “I would want to do more volunteer work, not only with older people, but with people/children with handicaps as well.  At the programs we got to meet all kinds of kids.  It was fun!”  (14-year old Youth-Volunteer)
  • “I would like to do more volunteering and I am strongly considering being a nurse.”  (16-year old Youth-Volunteer)
  • “Recently I decided that when I am older I want to be a physical therapist because knowing that I’m helping someone heal makes me feel good that I’m able to help them.”  (13-year old Youth-Volunteer)
  • “Not sure (of my career).  Maybe a doctor like my Dad or a baseball player.”  (10-year old Youth-Volunteer)

The Value of Visiting the Sick

  • “Not only did this program help the patients and residents here feel better, but this program helped the visitors in developing a kind heart and soul.” (15-year old Claremont Youth-Volunteer)
  • “I think that visiting the sick is a very important thing for the sick person and the visitor.  The sick person gets to feel good about themselves because they feel that someone cares.  Just talking to people makes them happy.  The visitor gets to do an act of kindness while learning not to take their life for granted.”  (16-year old Youth-Volunteer)
  • “It makes me realize that the elderly are and were just like me in a lot of ways and should be respected.” (13-year old Youth-Volunteer)

Open Comment:  

  • “I would and have recommended this program to my friends.  I really learned a lot from this experience.”  (16-year old Youth-Volunteer)
  • “This program was very unique.  The featured sports figures from the past really influenced me.  They taught me the essentials of life connecting it to sports.  I also made friends amongst the youth I did not know.   Even though they came from different backgrounds, I realized that we have many similarities.  This program will always stick out in my mind and will guide me and others as well in the right path of life.  Overall, this program was very unique and inspiring.” (15-year old Youth-Volunteer)
  • “I liked the idea that the program was for me and not for my parents.  I felt grown up and responsible.  I really enjoyed the guest speakers and met new people (both residents and participants).    Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this program. I met a person who lives at The Claremont and was part of the program.  He was told he would need a trache and had asked me for some advice as I have a trache.  He asked me questions about what its like to have a trache; and I would like to think that I helped to ease his mind about it and help make him less scared/anxious.”  (10-year old Youth-Volunteer)
  • “The Celebrity Sports Stars were truly inspiring.  The Sports Stars had to work extremely hard to gain their current/former positions, and I learned a lot about how determination can help you get a future career.  The stories I heard from the walk-on player at the University of Michigan, the grandson of Jesse Owens, and sports journalist David Epstein were all extremely interesting. They were able to communicate very well with the residents and volunteers.  My favorite memory from LHSVS was having a discussion with a resident about the direction of the Chicago Cubs, in which the resident’s judgment turned out to be completely correct.  He showed me a picture of his luxury car that he displayed in the Buffalo Grove Days Parade, and that was really a cool looking car.  I would definitely recommend this program to friends.”  (13-year old Youth-Volunteer)


Here is a sampling of LHSVS letters of support. Click for a larger image.